Indie Game Reviews

Ubisoft Conference Thoughts and Grade

Just like the majority of the rest of the conferences at E3 2016, Ubisoft had a commendable show that lacked a real punch. Over the last few years, Ubi has prided themselves on saving the big surprise...

Pang Adventures Review (Xbox One)

The Pang series makes its current generation console debut with Pang Adventures, a modern take on a coin-op, co-op classic!

JumpJet Rex Review (Xbox One)

Loot Interactive is taking it back to the old school, and by that I mean the Mesozoic era,

Azkend 2: The World Beneath Review (XBOX ONE)

Matching games are a genre that has stood the test of time over almost every console generation.

Among the Sleep Review (Xbox One)

When I became a father for the first time, my wife and I experienced all new feelings of fear.

The Park Review (PS4)

The Park is a new first-person, psychological horror game that was previously released on PC and is now made it’s way to consoles. I love horror games and The Park while wasn’t the scaries...

Severed Review (PlayStation Vita)

Drinkbox Studios has put out some of my favorite indie games over the past few years. Tales From Space: About a Blob and Guacamelee were both great games with great gameplay and art style. When they a...

Invisible Inc. Console Edition Review (PS4)

Klei Entertainment is back once again this time with something a little bit different for the PlayStation 4. Invisible Inc. is a tactical/strategy turn-based stealth action game that got a lot of buzz...

Party Hard Review (Xbox One)

It isn’t often that I find myself relating to a serial murderer, but alas Party Hard found a way to make me do just that. Most of us have found ourselves turning in for the night, only to be stuck sta...

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