Why Nintendo Could Have A Great 2016

Nintendo has had a rough couple of years, and it’s very obvious. This is especially because of the rising competition with Microsoft and Sony, which are moving up in the next generation of conso...

Why 2016 Needs To Be A Big Year For Nintendo, It Could Be A Make Or Break

It’s no secret that Nintendo isn’t doing so well at the moment. The low sales of the Wii U show that Nintendo is on a bit of a downward spiral. The New Nintendo 3DS seems to be doing well ...

Did Sony Make A Mistake Skipping Gamescom 2015?

Gamescom 2015 was a breeze for Microsoft, not only because of the wide variety of games and upcoming content it had, but also because its only competition decided to skip Gamescom all together! Micros...

Fe Announcement at E3 2015

Nintendo has just unveiled a new title labeled Fe set for 2016. Continue to check back here for more news and updates.

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