UFC 4 Patch Update 2.02 Fixes Out Now PS4

UFC 4 Patch 2.02 Released; Patch Notes Revealed

UFC 4 received a new patch today on PS4 with update 2.02 bringing with it an array of fixes and tuning updates. It’s not even been out a week and already the game is receiving a fairly substantial pat...

Have Developers Become Too Reliant On Post Release Patches

Some gamers have taken offense to the amount of content available at launch and the bugs which have necessitated patches without weeks of launch. At the same time, games are more complete than they ha...

How Assassins Creed: Syndicate is a Service to Fans of the Series

Ubisoft are well aware they made mistakes with Assassins Creed: Unity when it released last year. The game was riddled with bugs, glitches and issues at launch that took a while to fix. We know Ubisof...

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