Netgear XR700 Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Review

Here in the UK, we’ve been in lockdown for 3+ months. This was a necessary step to slow the spread rate of COVID-19 which has devastated the global community. For the most part, people have abided by ...

9.5 Amazing

Boulies Ninja Pro Gaming Chair Review

Introduction Since this lockdown has been in effect, I have been playing video games for more hours than I usually would. If you don’t own a gaming chair then you will be well accustomed to the back s...

9 Amazing

Guide: How to Get Faster Xbox Internet Speeds and Reduce Lag by Changing DNS Settings

For online gamers, there’s perhaps no bigger bane to our gaming lives than lag and slow internet speeds. The difference between a smooth online gaming experience and a lagging one can come down to fin...

Why Do We Play Games?

Playing video games has becomes less and less of a niche hobby these past few years. Whereas it was something mostly associated with children a couple of years back, it’s become the major pastim...

Five Xbox One Exclusives A PlayStation 4 Only Gamer Would Want The Most On PS4

There are some great games out in this generation of consoles that span all our imaginations and needs. But unfortunately, some are stuck behind a physical and invisible barrier called consoles exclus...

Yooka Laylee

Is Platforming Dead?

It’s no secret that gaming has been changing and evolving ever since its inception, but it feels as if over the years the hobby of gaming has strayed very far from its humble roots.

5 Reasons Why Gamers Should Be Supporting The PS4 Pro & Xbox Scorpio

At E3 2016, both Sony and Xbox announced their new consoles. Sony announced that they would be bringing us the PS4 Pro and Xbox announced to us that they would be bringing us the Xbox Scorpio. However...

Xbox One Outsells The PlayStation 4 Once Again In September

With the slimmer PlayStation 4 being made available, Sony were expected to top the charts, however Microsoft have certainly been on top ever since the release of the Xbox One S. Xbox One S has been th...

Phil Spencer Would like To See All Xbox 360 Games Come To The Xbox One

The backward compatibility feature on the Xbox One allows fans to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. This feature has been here for a while, and it has been received very well due to the likes of po...

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