Star Fox 2 Review

Well here is a game I didn’t expect to be playing for the first time in 2017. Star Fox 2 was completed, in time to be released for its planned 1995-1996 release but cancelled by Nintendo because...

SNES Classic Mini Console Review

Reviewing a console that’s technically been available before feels a bit weird, especially one such as this one, which is almost a Nintendo-approved emulator. In this review, I’ll only be ...

More SNES And NES Classic Mini Stock On The Way!

Nintendo Europe just confirmed that they will continue the production of the SNES Classic Mini. We’re happy to confirm that we’ll continue to ship stock of #SNESmini to Europe in 2018. ►

SNES Mini Scalpers Are Reselling The Console For Over 140% Profit

SNES Mini has sold out everywhere so far in the UK. Amazon UK was the first retailer to put it up for pre-order and it sold out within 30 minutes. It didn’t take long for scalpers to list them o...

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