Virtual Reality

VR Headsets, the Next Big Thing in Gaming or the Next Big Fad?

VR headsets are coming out later this year for PC’s, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. But, will they change gaming or the way you play video games? Yes, and No. It will change the way you play, because of...

Was E3 2015 The Greatest E3 Of All Time?

E3 is always sure to bring on something great every year. However, not only was E3 great this year, but it appears to be revolutionary. This year’s events showed off some great games coming up f...

What To Expect From Sony at E3

  With game play of Fallout 4 being shown off from Bethesda and the Microsoft Holo-lens/Minecraft collaboration debut, Sony has to come out swinging if they want to win at E3 2015. So what can we...

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