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What Writers Are We Looking For

ThisGenGaming is looking for enthusiastic writers for the site, if you are passionate about video games and love to write about them too then writing for ThisGenGaming is the best way to show your passion for video games. We are looking to hire two sets of writers, Voluntary Contributors and Paid Writers.

Paid Writers (Looking for News writers)

February 9th 2017 update: We are hiring paid news writers only. Please contact us if interested, you must also have free time and writing experience to be considered. 

As mentioned above, we are looking for both Paid Writers And Voluntary Contributors. Please note that we only accept Paid Writers who are looking to write multiple pieces for the site per day (Minimum one per day). If you are looking to write “a few times” per week then we can only offer a Voluntary Contributor position on the site.

We do suggest writing as much as possible per week, as our pay scale is per 1000 pageviews. Writing multiple pieces per day will increase your earnings which are paid per month. We would like our Paid Writers to be able to write multiple types of content like News, Guides, Articles, Opinionated Articles, Previews, and Reviews of course.

Voluntary Contributors

A Voluntary Contributor role on the site is a lot more relaxed, we don’t expect content from you every day. This should be used as a way to get experience in writing or as something to do for fun when you have spare time. We can offer reviews, but priority will go to Paid Writers for obvious reasons. Other than reviews you can write Opinionated Articles about all things in the world of video games.

Why You Should Write For ThisGenGaming

ThisGenGaming is an up and coming website that covers everything in video gaming. We bring the latest news, reviews, and previews as well as opinionated articles and videos. We have a great following who check our content each day which means writing for us will give you a great chance for your content to be read by thousands of people on a daily basis. Your content will also be posted to our 5500+ followers on Twitter.

How To Contact ThisGenGaming About Becoming A Writer For The Site

Well you’ve made it to the bottom of the page, so that means either you skipped all that text, and you just wanted to find out how to contact us right away, showing your eagerness to write. Or, you liked what you read, and you want to contact us to join the site. Either way you can fill out the contact form below to contact us about writing for ThisGenGaming. please use the subject title “Writing For ThisGenGaming”. Please also let us know in your email if you are looking to be a Voluntary Contributor or Paid Writer. We would also like to know as much as possible about your past experience in writing, your past content (if you have any, it’s not required!), and your qualifications. We want to bring in the best writers possible, so make sure to let us know how good you are! We will get back to emails within 24 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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