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If you’ve been looking for another Pretty Girls game then I have good news as eastasiasoft and developer Zoo Corporation are back with a new one called Pretty Girls: Speed.

Pretty Girls: Speed isn’t much different from the other entries in that you’ll be playing a casual card game against anime girls but this time there are no outfits to unlock or a gallery to view the characters. The basics this time around are that you face off one-on-one against ten different girls in a game of speed. This game gives each of you a deck of cards to draw from, four cards to start your hand with, and two cards are placed face up in the middle of the screen. You then have to play cards from your hand that are either one above or below the card in the middle so if there is a 4 in the middle you need to play either a 3 or a 5. The goal is to be the one to empty their hand of cards first so it’s a very fast paced game. Should you have no cards in your hand to play then one will be drawn at random from the deck and placed unless it too doesn’t match and in that case another one will be drawn until it does.

That pretty much sums up the gameplay in this game as you’ll be doing that same thing over and over throughout. There are two modes to play with the Battle Mode letting you do the 1v1 against the 10 girls and then there is a Challenge Mode that has you playing through 100 challenges which needless to say gets repetitive pretty fast. The girls are voiced in Japanese but there isn’t very much unique dialog so you’ll be hearing a lot of the same things over and over. If fan service is what you are after then there are certainly other games with much more of it than this one. Yes, the anime girls here have rather large breasts but their outfits aren’t that revealing so those who seek that thing will likely be disappointed. If you’re a trophy hunter though you’ll naturally get another easy list here with 13 trophies including a Platinum. To earn them all you just have to best each of the ladies in the Battle Mode.

Pretty Girls: Speed is another casual anime girl card game that can be fun for a brief period of time but that’s all. There isn’t much to the gameplay but clicking a few buttons to place cards and doing that over and over gets quite repetitive. Fans of the card game Speed or trophy hunters will likely be the only ones that this appeals to.

*Pretty Girls Speed is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Pretty Girls Speed





  • Simple casual card game that can provide a brief period of fun


  • Not much for content
  • Not much fan service
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