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The indie game space has seen a ton of Metroidvania styled games come and go so when a new one rolls around it can be hard to stand out. Team17 and Super Mega Team’s new game The Knight Witch is the latest entry in the Metroidvania genre and it aims to make its name known by mixing in some other gameplay elements to freshen things up. Does it succeed? Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

The story in The Knight Witch takes place in an underground city called Dungeonidas where the Knight Witches reside following a battle many years ago. It is their job to defend this place from the evil forces who threaten it. We play as a young flying witch named Rayne who wishes more than anything to become a Knight Witch herself. Rayne will ultimately have to defend the city and embark on her journey to becoming a full-on Knight Witch. As I played through the game I came to care about Rayne and the other characters I would meet and there is plenty of nuance and emotion throughout. This isn’t just a simple store of good versus evil and I appreciate when deeper things are explored.

The gameplay in The Knight Witch has elements of Metroidvanias, twin-stick shooters, and card deck builders. You’ll primarily be flying around each area of the game but like any Metroidvania you’ll find many areas and people closed off to you until you return with a new ability that allows you to proceed. The exploration is fun and can be rewarding so it’s worth backtracking to see everything the game has to offer. The game controls very well and you can use the other stick to aim and fire at any enemies. The team even added helpful accessibility features that you can toggle on to help you like auto-aim in case you are struggling with aiming and moving at the same time. This is especially helpful when you are in a boss fight as there can be a ton of stuff on screen to dodge and not having to aim can make them easier to take down.

The deck building comes into play with the magical abilities you have. You build your deck and then get three spells mapped to the face buttons on the DualSense. When you use one it is then replaced with a new one from the deck. Using the spells requires mana and if you get low on mana you can refill it by standing next to certain crystals or by picking it up from broken objects or defeated enemies. You obtain more cards as you play and experimenting with them can be fun but also difficult when you’re in a heated fight. Between dodging enemy attacks and trying to aim your own it can be hard to keep track of what spells you currently have equipped. I personally would’ve liked it better if you could obtain the cards and then choose and keep the three equipped cards.

The visuals in this game are one of my favorite things about it as the hand-drawn colorful visuals never failed to delight me. I was always admiring all the details in each area as I flew through it and there is plenty of visual variety as you explore each location. The music is also charming and endearing and fits the style of game that this is. There is no voice acting though and that is a bummer as I feel like it could’ve made certain parts of the story hit harder. Trophy hunters will find 27 trophies in the game to earn including a Platinum. If you’re a completionist it shouldn’t be too hard of a list for you.

The Knight Witch doesn’t execute all of its ideas perfectly but it manages to be a beautiful and fun Metroidvania in the end. The story and characters are interesting, the twin-stick shooting action feels good, and the world is really fun to explore as you unlock new abilities. The card system could use some changes but outside of that I really enjoyed my time with this one.  

*The Knight Witch is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

The Knight Witch





  • Well told story with interesting characters
  • Fun and rewarding world to explore
  • Beautiful visuals with a lot of variety
  • Twin-stick shooter controls feel good and have options to make it easier should you need them


  • Can be hard to tell what cards you have available in a fight
  • Wish it had voice acting
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