Compared To Games With Gold, Is Playstation Plus Ripping Off “The Players”?

Next month’s Playstation Plus offering is awful, lets just get that out there already. It’s two games that have been offered before on previous generation consoles, and is just something the fans don’t want. They want realistic AAA options, and by realistic we all know a first party game like Bloodborne won’t happen yet or third party like The Witcher 3 won’t happen. What about Infamous: Second Son? Or The Last Of Us: Remastered? Those are realistic options that Sony won’t have to go through third parties for permission.




Here are the offerings for October, and as you can see Games With Gold is offering the fantastic Walking Dead Season One to ALL Xbox players. This is the first time that The Walking Dead has ever been offered by either MS or Sony. Then you had the other fantastic GWD offerings this year like Rayman Legends, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Tomb Raider all on the Xbox One. Even Playstation Plus’s PS3 offerings have taken a major downturn from what used to be offered. Games like Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed III, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and Borderlands 2 for example were offered by the service less than a year before they released!

Now Sony’s offerings are really lacking, and as one of “The Players” I feel it’s not the fantastic service it once was when it was an optional premium subscription. Microsoft have a lot of great Games With Gold games lined up for both XB360 and XBOne owners to end off the year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a launch title like Ryse or Dead Rising 3 next for GWG XB1 owners.

Sony really needs to invest in a good offering for us players next month with a lacking first party line up in November/December, now would be the best time to give back to the PP subscribers with a huge first party title to end off the year or they could negotiate with third parties to offer a big PS4 game to the service.

This isn’t an article saying Sony sucks, or being negative. I just feel that due to what they have offered in the past that they should really try to make one of the next months a huge months for you the players of Playstation.

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  1. More shit posts… PlayStation Plus just had MGS:GZ, the PS3 is getting triple A titles still and will continue to but it’s a 10 year old system so it has the library to offer such games. PS4 will not get the huge triple A titles people want yet but it will happen. Shit, they didn’t give you InFamous: Second Son but they did give people the standalone DLC as a part of PS+. A lot of smaller games that are making their debut on PS4 are usually apart of that month’s PS+ lineup like Super Meat Boy this month. Do a little more research before writing articles.

    Another thing: the fact that you have to say you’re not saying Sony sucks shows how often your articles are heavily based off your Microsoft fanboy attitude and opinions.

  2. Your arguments make zero sense. You attempt to bash this months PS+ lineup and brag about TWD Season 1? A game that has been out for nearly 3 years now on every device imaginable. Super Meat Boy has never been on a Sony console, so some Sony gamers are actually looking forward to it. Broken Age got great reviews and just came out this past April. We already received Ground Zeroes months ago, and let’s be honest – I bought the Walking Dead Season 1 in a Halloween sale, 2 YEARS AGO, for exactly $2.99. Such value…

    GWG has had some great offerings, but in reality, you are only really getting 3 games with GWG this month, as they are counting TWD Season 1 as two separate games. PS+ has never tried this trick, as they would just label it as crossbuy. If you wanted to call this a separate game, PS+ would actually be offering 11 games this month compared to GWG’s 4.

    Good luck with your site in the future, but please try to use some common sense next time when you put such a biased article out. At least wait for a month to come along where GWG clearly had better offerings. October GWG is about as much of a joke as the first few GWG months.

  3. Not here to really argue which service is better. However, just a reply to both previous posters: no matter how hard you search all news, no matter the topic, has been and will always have some level of bias overtones.

    As for response to the article itself… my best suggestion for gamers, just enjoy getting two free games a month! They’re free, why worry, be happy! Just think, like wine, in time, it’ll get better better as the libraries grow! Securing our futures with even more gaming goodies 🙂

  4. This month is total shit, there is no arguing it at all.

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