GameStop – New Consoles Are Coming “In The Near Future”

We do know that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all have new consoles in development, but the design and release date of such consoles currently remain unknown. However, thanks to an investor report on GameStop’s website, we have a better idea of when these consoles might be released. According to a presentation released yesterday, April 14, “new innovation, such as Virtual Reality and new consoles, is expected to accelerate category growth in the near future.” GameStop is anticipating that new consoles will be released soon, which means we will most likely hear more information about these upcoming consoles very soon.

With this information, I’d say that all three companies are expected to reveal the consoles they have been developing at E3 this year. Though this kind of information is still seen as a rumor, GameStop is a pretty reliable source to obtain this info from. However, interpreting what GameStop is actually saying is another story. They directly mention virtual reality and it’s assumed that by “new consoles” they’re at least referring to the Nintendo NX, but it’s up in the air at this point. It’s great to think┬áthat all three gaming companies are well on their way with the development of their new consoles.

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