5 Clever Ways to Make Money While Gaming

If you’re bored of the same old games, why not try making some money while you play? Video games are big business, with revenues worth over $90 billion. They’re also time-consuming—who doesn’t spend hours playing their favourite game every day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could make money for all those hours of effort?

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There are now tons of ways to use gaming to make money. Here are five creative ideas to help get your gears turning.

The gaming affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a free way to earn money online if you’ve got products and services to sell. It’s not so straightforward if you’re trying to sell gaming services because things like server time and item purchases aren’t as easy as selling shoes or kitchen appliances. However, if you specialize in a particular game, getting affiliate status and then offering your customers extra gaming services is possible. You could offer anything from in-game currency to a boosted character in exchange for money.

The best websites to look for affiliate programs are the ones that already have a thriving community of gamers—all you need is a few extra abilities added to your game subscription or some in-game purchases that you can count on top.

The gaming entrepreneur

If you think game streaming is the next big thing, you could make money by getting involved right now. Amazon did buy Twitch for a whopping $970 million —could this be the start of a new online streaming craze? It’s certainly possible. But if it is, you can’t afford to sit back and wait for the money to roll in—you have to get involved now.

Enter entrepreneurship with a small business that’s a little different from a typical online store. Build a website that has a particular niche and then start selling your games or even sell old games from your collection. Suppose you have friends who might be interested in purchasing the same games. In that case, you could set up a monthly subscription service and sell games individually as downloads or as physical copies that you can send to a physical address

The gaming journalist

Before you roll your eyes and say, “But I’m not a journalist!” you might want to reconsider. These days, bloggers and reviewers of all kinds are making money by writing about the latest games and how great they are or just how terrible they are. You can pick up a decent writing gig through quick jobs websites like Upwork. If you need inspiration, check out how popular magazines pay their gaming writers.

The gaming streamer

Streaming is a hot new hobby for gamers these days, but it’s not that hard to make money behind the scenes. Twitchers are broadcast live with the chat button always on standby, allowing American broadcasters to earn money from adverts on their stream. When fans donate, the host can keep some of it, with all the remainder going to charity or YouTube. As of January 2018, it’s possible to earn money by streaming on Amazon-owned platforms Twitch and YouTube.

The gaming designer

If you’ve got the design skills, why not take a leaf out of Notch and Markus Persson’s book (aka, the creator of Minecraft)? The gaming world is jam-packed with original games like their own or fan games like Pokemon Uranium. You can make money from these by charging for the game to be downloaded and in-game currency. If you’ve got the skills to program games, you could do very well for yourself.


Next time you find yourself looking for new ways to make money, why not try gaming? You can use games to make money in many ways that don’t involve playing the game itself. For example, you can set up a website that supports any of the above or an online store that sells various gaming products. You can also make money as a video game fan

It’s not hard to earn some extra cash by turning your gaming hobby into a way to make money online. Look for the right opportunities, and you might be surprised at how much extra income you generate.

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