3 Reasons Why Xbox Game Pass Is Great In 2018

Xbox Game Pass launched in 2017 but has been making big waves in 2018 with changes to the service that have made fans change their opinions of the service from bad to good. In this article, we will be looking at the 3 reasons why the Xbox Game Pass service is so great in 2018.

All New Microsoft Studios Games Arrive On Day 1

The huge change this year for Xbox Game Pass was that all Microsoft Studio games will now release on Xbox Game Pass the same day as it releases as a digital download. That means if you are currently subscribed, you will own the games that Microsoft are releasing. This means any subscriber could play Sea Of Thieves or State Of Decay 2 without forking out the actual price of the game to purchase and fully own. Now while it’s not going to be a game that you technically own, it’s still a great bonus way to play the games you are excited for that Microsoft release without having to pay the full price. You could also purchase the full game with complete ownership if you are happy with what you have played on Xbox Game Pass.

The Rotation System

Xbox Game Pass has a great system of always replacing games on the service with newer titles after being on there for a few months, so it keeps the service fresh and bringing in a wave of new subscribers each time a new batch of games make their way to the service. This is also very similar to content services like Netflix or Amazon Prime which remove movies and TV series in place with new movies and TV series to keep their content fresh and also give the content a feeling that it needs to played before it’s removed. Now there’s some who might think it’s a bad idea especially if you are mid-way through a game and it’s been removed but there is usually plenty of time to complete the games and it’s likely old games will make their way to the service after a while.

The Price

Xbox Game Pass has the incredible price point of $9.99 per month, so that means if there was a Microsoft Studios title you was interested in anyway, you can just subscribe for a month to get that game for just $10 rather than $60, so with the extra $50 you could even use it on the online casino at Resorts, along with the saving money there’s a whole other bunch of games to choose from which are all gravy! What’s not to love about the price point? It’s extremely fair and with the amount of content and how many new games are added, along with being able to download the latest Microsoft Studio Xbox One games, it’s a steal!

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