Street Fighter V Isn’t Just An Exclusive, It’s A System Seller

It’s now been over a year since Street Fighter V was confirmed to be a console exclusive for PS4, although not a full exclusive due to the PC release. It was later confirmed that there will never be an Xbox One version of the game released. Looking at past sales and how popular the series is, the PS4 has got an exclusive that is going to bring in console sales.

I know some will say, but what about Rise Of The Tomb Raider? That’s an established series, and Tomb Raider (2013) also sold very well. Rise Of The Tomb Raider didn’t sell consoles for the Xbox One, and didn’t do too well in sales either. The difference between the two is that Street Fighter V is a console exclusive forever, and will not be coming to the Xbox One. With Rise Of The Tomb Raider, it was always known that a PS4 version would be coming in 2016 so there wasn’t a need to get an Xbox One to play Rise Of The Tomb Raider. If you’re a fan of Street Fighter V who only plays on consoles and only owns an Xbox One you will have to buy a PS4 to play it.

There is also the fact that Street Fighter V is releasing at the absolute perfect time. Street Fighter V releases on the 16th of February, and will be the first major AAA video game release of 2016. It’s not competing with any big titles at all, and it’s coming out not too soon after Christmas which has always hindered sales for January video game releases, and is why the month is usually avoided for big games. It also means that people will have more money to buy the PS4 too, it’s not a coincidence that Street Fighter V is getting a console bundle release also. Sony as well as many others expect this to sell consoles, and it will do that.

Although I’m not trying to turn this into a Rise Of The Tomb Raider Vs Street Fighter V article, it must also be mentioned that the release date choice was extremely poor for Rise Of The Tomb Raider. It went against Fallout 4, and a week later Battlefront was releasing. Both video games did unbelievable numbers, and it was quite obvious weeks prior that Rise Of The Tomb Raider would be effected from this, especially console sales wise.

So to sum up why I feel Street Fighter V is a console seller in bullet points

  • It’s releasing with no competition near by.
  • It’s releasing with enough time for people to have enough money after Christmas spending.
  • It’s an established series that sells really well.
  • It’s an actual console exclusive, and not timed.

Do you agree with the points that have been made in this article? Do you see Street Fighter V as a console seller for PS4? Or will it do nothing for PS4 console sales? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Sony fans still calling multiplatform games exclusive. Sad really but I guess that’s how bad it’s gotten to be a ps4 owner. You can only play so many remakes

    • It says console exclusive. Cry more.

    • Xbox fans acting like they have more of anything, when they have less of everything.

      Less true exclusives, less console exclusives, less remasters, less remakes.

      Must suck to be you.

      • less mediocre rubbish of a library and less indie games. My ps4 doesnt get used for more then 50 hours a year compared to the thousands i put on xbox one. Xbox just has better games and its not even close, their games are better by MILES.

        • “better games” according to who? You? I rather believe in FACTS and those facts clearly show that the PS4 is the #1 console in the world both on hardware and software. You have to deal with reality.

        • Interesting, then, that the PS4’s library is rated higher, even while having more games. You know it doesn’t usually work out that way if the games suck, right?

          I mean, I know you’re a troll, but surely you understand that if the PS4’s lineup was worse, it wouldn’t be higher-rated than that of the XB1. Limited as they may be, that’s not beyond the capability of your faculties, is it?

          So surely, then, you understand that while your preference is one thing, to claim that as a truth beyond your own personal experience is nonsense, don’t you?

          • Higher rated lmao? Dude you’re using last gen games go look at the ps4 library everything is 60-70 on metacritic lol

          • Bloodborne metacritic 92 – highet rated than every Xbox One exclusive
            Infamous: Second Son metacritic 80

          • Dark souls 3 comes next month so we basically get bb oh yeah halo 1 – 97 sorry dude not even close maybe next gen?

          • Halo 1 on the OG Xbox got that 97, not the remake version.

            Also, Souls games are not Bloodborne.

            Oh, but you’ve never played, so you wouldn’t know. Common mistake trolls make.

          • Actually I have played. Typical Sony fan in deep denial they are literally exactly the same game come on dude look at dark souls 3 it is EXACTLY like Bloodborne and I know that will hurt but that’s the truth dude. Doesnt change the fact that the xbox has a game that’s rated 97 actually playable on the xbox one dude

          • So you got your hands on an advance copy?

            lmao, pitiful.

          • And STILL higher than the XB1 library.

          • @jointherest:disqus

            Actually I have done my own research on this and even though @jjbarrington:disqus is being salty he is 100% correct. Nearly all the multiplatform games on aggregate have reviews better on PS4. PS4 Exclusives have reviewed higher than Xbox One Exclusives and I believe now the PS4 can lay claim to more exclusives than Xbox One.

        • @jointherest:disqus

          So you knowing subject yourself to 900p 45fps when you know you could be playing 1080p 60fps?

          99% of Multiplatform Xbox One games do not perform as well as they do on PS4. We are not even going to debate that. If you don’t know that by now you have your head in the sand.

          Feel free to try to suggest otherwise, I have plenty of data to fire at you that will correct your lack of knowledge.

          • Name me a AAA ps4 game that is 1080p 60fps that isn’t a last gen game lol I’m waiting Bloodborne ran at 15 fps MAX

            Xbox One
            Forza 5
            Forza 6

            Ps4 has?

            Haha so much more power lmao you deluded kids Crack me up so much, you can’t fool a multi console owned with those myths dude. Xbox one has better graphics on its exclusives and better framerates by miles, now you can do the inevitable and compare multiplats lmao

          • When’s Forza going to have anti-aliasing, decent draw distance and environment textures that don’t look like ass?

          • Haha fh2 trumps any ps4 game graphically by miles and miles I actually owned driveclub it looked like rubbish next to fh2. And don’t talk about aa go look at driveclub and Bloodborne lollll

      • What are you, 7? I own both consoles and can play everything. Thanks for the Christmas price drop, I can play all the console exclusives…most adults can.

        • I hear the “I own both consoles” thing a lot from Xbox fanboys. Question, though: who cares what you own? No one was even talking to you.

          And if you REALLY wanna talk about the difference between adults and children, you should be asking why the person I responded to was trying so hard to downplay something he doesn’t own and doesn’t have any interest in. That’s some immature stuff right there.

          Your comment may lack some maturity, too, since… I don’t know what the hell it has to do with anything. Most adults? How do you know what most adults can do? More to the point, how do you know that most adults could or would buy more than one console? Most adults don’t spend money just because they can. Not the mature, responsible ones, anyway.

          Those adults are likely to get one console that appeals to them most. They’re NOT likely to start trashing the competition for asinine and easily debunked reasons like the makeup of a console’s library of games.

          • @jjbarrington:disqus

            I say this as someone who has never owned an Xbox.

            While I agree with some of what you say in spirit you are being needlessly divisive man. With all due respect, you are acting like a last generation X360 fanboy. 🙂 Sure the other guy isn’t winning any converts, but he is OBVIOUSLY trolling you and you are feeding right into it.

            Question, though: who cares what you own? No one was even talking to you.

            This is a comment section. No one needs permission to post if they haven’t been banned. Relax man you aren’t king of the Internet.

            I won’t even bother to respond to the rest of the comment. It’s not worth it.

          • So.. lemme get this straight.

            Let him say what he wants. It’s cool cuz he’s trolling. But don’t let me rebut him, aggressively or otherwise.

            What is there to even be divisive about?

            Yes, it’s a comment section. That goes without saying. If they’re free to say whatever nonsense they want to me, am I not free to respond in any way I please? Am I to be held to some higher standard because I’m not a troll? Should I be the bigger man because my preferred console is ahead in many ways?

            I’d understand if I were just making things up, if all I had to say was a bunch of nonsense. But I’m not doing that, am I?

          • @jjbarrington:disqus

            IMHO you are giving him exactly the salty response that he wanted. I am no angel in comments, but I generally reserve my ire for the most hideous folks ie: Repugnant PC Elites.

          • Oh, I’ve got plenty for them, too. I spread my love around.

            Besides, it’s not as if I take any of it personally.

          • So… you think s1 with a PS4 only is more objective on console war threads compared to s1 who owns PS4+X1? lmfao

          • What a strawman argument that is.

            I think someone who admits what they prefer is more objective than the many who claim they have both but only have one.

          • There is nothing wrong about liking both.

            I prefer my PS4 and play a bit more with, but I enjoy my X1 as well. Obviously most prefer to have the more powerful console (PS4) if they can’t effort or want both. Most good games are released on both consoles anyway. At the end the difference between 900p & 1080p isn’t really visible. Only framerate drops make a real difference. X1 has a better controller but a worse UI imho.

            However, I can’t live without Forza and I’m pretty excited by the upcoming Crackdown 3 cloud physics so I don’t want to miss my X1 😉

          • Again, haven’t said anything’s wrong with owning both, have I? The point was that owning both- or claiming to- doesn’t make you inherently more objective; there’s nothing that says you have to own both to SAY you own both, and there’s no shortage of people who make that claim and yet seem to have nothing but disdain for one or the other. Plenty of Sony fanboys out there who “own both,” but can only bash the Xbox, and vice versa. But, typically, people don’t buy something and then take every possible chance they get to bash that thing. They sure as hell don’t KEEP it, hate it, and bash it.

            There’s that other fallacy, though, about there being no visible difference between 900 and 1080. If that truly were the case, why wouldn’t every dev just make their game 900p? Why aren’t TVs made with 900p in mind, rather than 1080p? That the industry- visual media, as a whole- skipped right over 900p in the hardware creation process says more than any such claims.

            I haven’t liked an Xbox controller since The Duke, and as long as those sticks are offset, that won’t change.

            Feel free to like what you like. I’m just saying- and not even to you, really- that claiming to own both doesn’t stop you from being a fanboy of one or the other.

          • Ok.

            However, compare 900p with 1080p if you have a chance somewhere. But 900p TVs would make no sense (too small price difference 720p/1080p). Btw next step is 4k, so they skip 1440p as well.

          • Nurse Ratchet’s on vacation again, I see 🙂

          • What a relevant response.

            Oh, wait..

    • Dead rising 3…on pc
      Ryse…on pc
      Titanfall…on pc
      Killer Instinct…on pc
      Gears of War Remaster…on pc
      Sea of Thieves…on pc
      Recore…on pc
      Ori…on pc
      Quantum Break…on pc
      Halo Wars 2…on pc

      Does Xbox One have any exclusives?

      • Forza 😉

    • Is called a console exclusive!!! Consoles is one thing PC is other. In the console world, Street Fighter V is exclusive “console exclusive”. Do I need to make you a power point presentation?

      • Now, now, with short bus children you must draw pictures…pictures.
        Soft voice, no exclamation points please. Slow movements.

    • Majority of gamers don’t buy their console for exclusives. Third party games rule the market. Chart estimates show the Xbox One version of Black Ops III has sold almost double the amount than Halo 5.

      Xbox One is only a worthy purchase if you really love Halo and/or Gears of War way beyond anything else. Outside of that…..PS4 wins by default on everything. Having total market dominance and increasingly getting the best versions of multi platform games and deals etc.

    • @gamingsince75:disqus

      Exactly what makes you think Sony doesn’t have exclusives? You seem to be ill informed. Street Fighter V will be exclusive to PS4 console.

      Remasters only make up about 10% of the gaming landscape on PS4, Xbox One. Also given the exodus from Xbox to PlayStation this generation it makes sense for Sony to remaster games that Xbox players never got a chance to play.


      I am not aware of “how bad it’s gotten” (terrible grammar) for PlayStation 4 players. I have plenty of great games to play, but I also work for a living and have a social life. So maybe I am not putting in as much time gaming as you do. 🙂

      This perception you espouse doesn’t seem to be shared with the marketplace as Sony is outselling MS about 2:1 this generation. PS4 has sold through 36 million units and Xbox One has yet to break 20 million units. The PS4 is still on track to outsell the PS2 which is the best selling home console of all time.

      Feel free to respond with facts, your opinions are highly biased and completely out of step with reality.

  2. but it’s on PC too and it doesn’t require beast specs to run it at higher than decent settings. I could max out the beta at 768p on a GT 750m, which is a relatively weak and cheap laptop card.

    • good for everyone then, more people can play the game. Its cross platform btw so people on ps4 can go against pc sf owners. hope to you online !

    • Fighting games, especially the likes of Street Fighter, don’t usually do NEARLY as well on PC. For the biggest cheese of them all to be available only on one console certainly does qualify as a system seller.

      • @jjbarrington:disqus

        It will help, but SF isn’t Halo or Gears of War.

        • That’s fine. It doesn’t need to be, does it?

          • @jjbarrington:disqus

            Of course not, I just don’t think it will be a huge win for PS4 console sales. I am betting most of the people that want it already have a PS4.

          • They may, or they may not. Couldn’t the same be said for Halo and Gears? Particularly since those are among the biggest franchises on Xbox, wouldn’t the most likely fans of each franchise have gotten the XB1 prior to the games’ releases?

            Why would you think fans of Halo and Gears would wait until those games came out to get the console, but Street Fighter fans would likely already have a PS4?

    • @disqus_Tyc0m5SqN7:disqus

      Woah! 768p! Are you sure you can see such details? 🙂

  3. SF died ten years ago, its the same old boring formula which isnt even interesting anymore, doubt it would move consoles tbh. Killer instinct is in a whole new league of fighting games and is by far the best fighter ever made imo. Its funny how no one in the world had any care in the world for SF until sony made it exclusive lmfao

    1. KI
    2. MK
    3. Tekken
    4. SF

    and this coming from a HUGE fighting fan. The characters and gameplay is SF is just soooooooooooooooo boring.

    • I agree. Street Fighter IV metacritic 94. Over 8 million sold. Pretty dead.

      • 71 ON METACRITIC HAHAHA WOW THATS EMBARRASSING is it really that bad? That a whole roster still scored lower then ki season one which had 6 characters, no story, no more then 6 maps haha wow that’s literally embarrassing

        • Why take one version of the game and not… you know, the rest? Ultra, in general, was less well received than the vanilla version.

          But sure, take the fittingly crappy reception of a shoddy port of Ultra to someone support the idea that the game is dead.

          Trolls these days suck.

          • Haha sorry theres too many rehashed versions for me to care honestly all I see is sf4- 71 and that’s embarrassing!

          • And KI is at 73, so…?

          • With 6 characters, no story, no practise, no maps and STILL scored higher then the whole sf 4 game hahahahahahahaha ki season 2 is 85 so that’s 14 points higher than the last sf lmao

          • That’s DLC.

        • Yea, PS4 port was pretty bad. Original SF IV humiliates KI on Xbox One.

          KI metacritic 73. Wow what a game

          • Confirmed!

          • Ki – 85
            Sf 4 – 71
            Again dude not even close lmfao

          • KI 73
            SFIV 94

            You’re right: not even close.

          • Lmao dude denial is so real sf is 71 hahahahaha and ki is 85 wow you’re so butthurt it’s making you blind

        • PS4 has Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters XIV and poor Xbox One only free-to-play Killer Insinct

          • Haha I’ll take ki over all those anyday they look like the worst fighters ever made dude when the he’ll was kof or ğg ever relevant to begin with lol sorry I’m not Asian anime games don’t interest me

          • All relevant enough that they haven’t been missing for a decade or more like Killer Instinct.

          • So like cod? Lmfao

        • Wait, are you REALLY trying to talk “embarrassing” over a two-point difference? One’s a bad port of a good game. The other had years of new development, only to be decent.

          The latter sounds more embarrassing than the former.

    • You salty fanboys doesn’t even care about reality. You make up any lie just to feel better.

    • You do realize that the first KI came out in 1994, hardly a “new league of fighting games”

      • Haha git gud bro

        • What does being good have to do with being a mehh game kid?
          I’m not good at Halo or really care for Halo but I know it’s a good game! Was good at The Order but it’s not a good game!
          Your Hilarious!

          • @Ucouldntbemorewrong:disqus

            You know I was such a fan of the developer I got The Order day one. Now I knew what I was in for and tempered my expectations. The story was actually decent. The gaming engine they developed is beautiful, I hope they can expand it to be able to handle larger zones and more unique game play mechanics. There have been many more first time original games that have been FAR worse. They definitely get an A for Effort, Execution was lacking though.

        • @jointherest:disqus

          There is an old saying. If you digging yourself into a hole — stop digging. 🙂

          Not saying your opinion is wrong, I am saying that you obviously don’t speak for the majority. Street Fighters lifetime sales easily eclipse Killer Instinct. I would even suspect the review scores have been kinder to Street Fighter it has been the yardstick for the fighting game series for years.

          • Awww same goes to street fighter when compared to kinect adventures. Kinect adventures sold more than any sf game so that means a kinect game is better lmao?

          • Kinect Adventures wasn’t available for sale standalone, but was bundled with Kinect devices or console bundles, and therefore counted as a sale.

            There’s also the review score angle you conveniently forgot to address.

            What are the odds?

          • Again. Kinect adventures sold more than any ps game and that’s beyond embarrassing

          • Only it didn’t.

            Try harder.

    • @jointherest:disqus

      I hate to burst your bubble but you are living in a fantasy land. Killer Instinct hasn’t sold well at all.

      • @jointherest:disqus

        Metacritic suggests the title is average at best.

      • I’m sorry if you’re too retarded to realise that 99% of ki players purchased it digitally as that’s the only way it was available at first lol but the denial is real I love it lol

        • … and yet there were hardly a few million consoles out when KI released, AND that was back when MS still reported sales numbers. So if it had truly done well, we’d have known about it.

          • Well it’s been going for two years and a third year now so OBVIOUSLY anyone with half a brain will know millions of people play it, the butthurt is so real awww 🙂

          • It’s been the same people buying the DLC they call seasons that you silly people like to treat as separate games.

          • There is literally no dumber fanbase than you guys literally lmao

          • Odd, then, that you’re not a part of it.

          • The butthurt with you is so real lmao you must be mad you have nothing to play but Indies and multiplats haha

          • I have more indies, more multiplats, and more non-indie exclusives to play than you. Not to mention a massive backlog on other consoles.

            So, no, no butthurt here. Perhaps the one in need of the Preparation-H is you.

  4. sony sucks they have to ruin gaming for every one first sega now xbox i wish they would just hang them selves rather than stuffing up gaming for all of us .

    • dont think anyone really cares to be honest. SF5 is way too similar to every other SF game and the formula is just overused and old now. KI is better in literally every single from
      gameplay mechanics
      character design
      stage design

      Killer instinct is actually the definitive and best fighting game this gen and imo of all time.

  5. Virtua Fighter
    Street Fighter
    after that just carbon copies!

  6. Most fans of the game would have bought it on PS4 anyway even if it was not exclusive.

    • Pretty obvious. PS4 is the #1 console worldwide. That is why Capcom doesn’t care to leave the xbox community behind. Is not worth the investment.

      • doesn’t care or mind?

      • I think the bigger issue is what folks like JointheRest represent. It’s folks like that that stop companies like Capcom from putting their product on Xbox.

        Well, that, and Microsoft not liking to play nice, so no cross-play.

        • @jjbarrington:disqus

          Are you referring to another Disqus user? Who cares what he thinks. Most Disqus users communicate on a 2nd grade level so no one in their right mind would take them seriously.

          • It’s not as if they’re limited to Disqus. As an example, ever note the content of most PS Blog commenters? Same sort of nonsense. And guess what? That crap actually gets a response out of Sony.

            I imagine the same thing happens on official Xbox forums, too.

            But, alas, here we are. In an arena that awards immaturity and punishes anything else. Surely, if any of the people you chide me for being gruff with are allowed to remark as they do, I’m allowed to do half as much?

          • @jjbarrington:disqus

            Sony moderates their comments. Someone who is an A-hole will be placed on moderation all the time or banned.

      • When it sells 8 plus million alone on ps4 let me know.

        • Why do you care? You don’t have or want a PS4. Killer Instinct will never come close to Street Fighter’s numbers. What point is there in setting an arbitrary sales number for SFV?

          • Because that’s what the old one sold. Think before you comment.

          • Well, for one, SFV doesn’t need to sell that much to be successful.

            For another, that’s all versions across all platforms, and I’m certain neither Capcom nor Sony is expecting that number on PS4 alone.

            Next, Microsoft sponsored the tournaments, so it makes sense the games would be on 360. But I guess that’s a convenient and easy thing to forget when spouting rhetoric.

            Finally, I can’t find anything that says those sales were split evenly between the two consoles. VGChartz shows just over 4 million on PS3 to just under 3 million on 360; given that pretty much all fighting games did better on PS3 than 360, why do you think the sales would be even?

          • You just proved my point. Half the fanbase is getting excluded. So if you cut out half you make much less and sell much less.

          • Not half, you dumbass. Less than half.

            And according to your brethren, you don’t need the game anyway, cuz you’ve got Killer Instinct(lmao).

          • KI and MK:XL ftw. shut up bish

          • lol, sure. Best example of sour grapes I’ve ever seen.

          • Lol funny because MK is better than SF now. KI is just fun.

          • Sure it is. You’d say that, regardless, because the green in your blood makes you tout everything Xbox as superior, even if it isn’t.

            Keep failing.

          • Go play your indiestation and shut up

          • Nice comeback.


          • Take your L and move on

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus @jjbarrington:disqus


          • Welcome to the internet. More specifically, welcome to the console wars.

          • Lol. okay okay

          • What L? You giving up on your argument because there’s no backing?


          • You’re simple you present opinion not fact.

          • L….

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus

            MK XL is multi-platform is it not?

          • It is which is my point. It’s good to get all your fans involved and not cut them out

          • @jjbarrington:disqus

            Such a friendly chap you are! 🙂

          • Generally, I’m quite friendly.

            In this instance, should I be?

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus

            Half the fanbase is getting excluded.

            Half is a rough estimate at best given that the PS4 is outselling the XB1 about 2 to 1, they have to be picking up people who used to own an Xbox 360.

            So if you cut out half you make much less and sell much less.

            Well you are not accounting for the lack of cost. Street Fighter IV released on 6 platforms. 3DS, iOS, PC, PS3, PS4, X360. Each platform you release on adds cost. Development costs as well as support costs.

            Now in terms of development each platform needs to be tailored but likely a similar code base was used for PS3 and X60; PC and PS4; 3DS maybe similar code base as iOS (I don’t know mobile gaming that well to be honest).

            Only 3 of those platform sold more than 1 million units. Not sure where their break even mark was, but sub-1 million units is likely not a viable option. So it is safe to assume Capcom isn’t looking to deploy on non-profitable platforms. The 3DS only moved about 1.2 million units and the X360 almost did 3 million units with PS3 pulling in well over 4 million units.

            Given that they released SF IV for 6 platforms and they are entering into an agreement with Sony to remain exclusive, do you think they would be doing that if it didn’t benefit them in some regard?

            IMHO the numbers make it very clear why they came to this decision. Obviously PlayStation is the better fit for an exclusive because even with the PS3’s lag in sales behind the X360 Street Fighter IV PS3 outsold the X360 version by over 1.2 million units.

          • Yeah ps3 4 million, 360 3 million, that’s 3 million in sales they’ll miss out on. The fighting genre is a niche genre now.

          • Except by making the game exclusive, they stand to convert some of those 3 million to PS4 owners.

          • Let me know when it does 7-8 million on PS4. Til then you are an armchair analyst.

          • Let me know when your arbitrarily set quota means something, armchair analyst.

          • Oh how creative.

          • You say that as if something you’ve said has been creative in any way.

        • @KashIsKlay:disqus

          Given SF IV (see above) sold that much on all platforms, I doubt it will get that high, if it does it will take a while.

          I think it would be possible to hit 6-7 million on PS4, it has been 7 years since SF IV.

          • Possible but probably won’t happen. When is the last time a fighting game did those numbers on one platform?

      • @TristanPR77:disqus

        Xbox still has Dead Rising. Capcom isn’t making these decisions lightly and as cavalier as a fanboy.

      • SF4: 2m X360 vs 3m PS3
        Sony obviously paid Capcom, else it would be a pretty dumb decision because it sells well on Xbox too. Capcom, or companies at all, prefer to gain some money instead of fulfilling your fanboy dreams.

        • Source for those numbers?

          Oh, you made them up?

          • vgchartz, what else?!
            Why shall I made them up; because you don’t like them?

          • I discovered your numbers. Discovered you’re using only NA’s totals.

            Keep in mind- or don’t, but it remains a factor- the 20 million more consoles 360 sold over PS3 in that region, when you’re talking about how the PS3 version of SFIV barely outsold the 360 version.

            A few more copies of the game to nearly half the install size.

            That kinda destroys whatever point you thought you were making.

    • With nothing to play I’m not really surprised they must be itching for something half decent and I’m sure a rehashed game won’t fix that itch

      • They got loads to play, pretty much the same as Xbox One.
        In fact if you look at the global top 10 best selling games on each system……the majority of both sides are buying the same games.

        All Xbox One really seems to have is Halo 5 in terms of good selling exclusive. Yet Call of Duty is still way more popular among the Xbox faithful.

        There is no shortage of online based FPS games on either system……with many many more to come further down the line. Missing out on Halo or Titanfall is hardly going to make much of a difference.

        Personally I can’t stand the sight of any online FPS game. Fallout 4 will do me for the next few years . But looking forward to the upcoming new Doom game. Hopefully Rockstar Games announce a new title soon.

        I agree about Street Fighter though……but that’s another game I don’t care about. Last Street Fighter game I enjoyed was Street Fighter Alpha 2. Given up on fighting games since then.

        • Neither system has merit.

          Much less a robust, or even viable, library.

          • Opinions, opinions.

      • There’s like 3 exclusives coming out for Xbox this year. Nothing to play? I hope TR and Halo last you the entire year 🙂

        PS4 will be buzzing this year

        • Quantum break
          Halo wars 2
          Forza horizon 3
          Crackdown 3
          Sea of thieves
          Gears 4

          That’s 7 megaton AAA titles

          Lets name sonys

          Uncharted 4
          Gt sport lmao Gt is dead
          Tlg looks like a ps2 Indie
          Ff7 remake lol
          Horizon Meh rubbish next to Scalebound.
          Sf same old rehashed crap for the past 15 years even worse then cod plus ki trumps it in every single way.

          So that’s 7 amazing looking games compared to 5 rubbish remakes and same old rehashed crap.
          I hope uncharted lasts you until 2017 because you guys havent got anything since march 2016 lmfaooooooooooooooo last exclusive was Bloodborne haha how embarrassing

          • Lol at rehashes, dude, you’ve only mentioned 3 games on Xbox that aren’t rehashes of the same old thing and on the topic of rehashes, you had a rehash last year with Halo which did barely anything to sell Xboxs or revolutionise gaming. It was the same Halo wrapped in a different colour. Prettier, but lame story and monotonous gameplay. Same boss over and over again because no creative ideas could be thought of.

            Quantum break – Probably the only interesting title you’ve mentioned
            Halo wars 2 – Really? Another Halo? Isn’t here like 10 Halos now?
            Forza horizon 3 – Yeah, no one is buying an Xbox for this
            Crackdown 3 – Crackdown 2 was terrible, not holding my breath
            Sea of thieves – I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t Lionhead who have a history of overpromising and underachieving.
            Recore – Delayed and nobody has seen any gameplay, so we are getting excited over a trailer.
            Gears 4 – Same old Gears, last years iteration was drab, gameplay at E32015 was boring

            As for Bloodborne, yeah, last winter was slow, but Bloodborne was still a better game than anything else that came out that year 😀

            Also your PS4 list is looking a little thin, let me update it for you.

            – Horizon
            – SF4
            – Uncharted
            – The Witness
            – The Last Guardian
            – GT Sport
            – FF7
            – Rigs
            – No Man’s Sky
            – Rachet and Clank
            – World of Final Fantasy
            – Rime
            – Gravity Rush 2
            – Persona 5
            – Hellblade
            – Let it Die
            – The Tomorrow Children
            – Drawn to Death
            – What Remains of Edith Finch
            – Dragon Quest Builders
            – Star Ocean
            – Wild
            – Dreams
            – Detroit
            – Alienation
            – Shadow of the Beast

            And so much more, plus I only mentioned 1 VR title. There’s a bucket full of them hitting PS4 this year.


            So like I said, I hope Halo and TR tie you over, because besides those three none rehashes you mentioned, 2 of which we still know very little about, the rest are been there, done that titles. You are not getting any originality on Xbox this year.

          • You had to mention vr titles, Indies and anime games dude that’s hilarious hahahahaha wow plus tomb raider and Ori absolutely obliterated the rubbish Bloodborne which didn’t even have a story and couldn’t even rUN above 20 fps lmao what a fail dude you guys have one playable exclusive in literally two years lmfao go trade in your plastic box and stop being so blinded by these corporations and please don’t ever use that embarrassing list ever again people will just laugh at you for days hahahahaha

          • TR? Oh yeah, don’t we get that as well this year? We’re not exactly missing anything, plus it’ll sell better on PS4 😀

            Also, “You had to mention vr titles, Indies and anime games” doesn’t mean anything to me. Games are games and if a game is really good, gamers will buy a console for it. YOU stop being fooled into thinking that an example of a good game is “Gears 4” alone, when Gears 4 is the same old tired beating of the bush, it’s gamers with your thinking that keep the industry stagnant, boring and filled with Halo / CoD / Assassin’s Creed like sequels upon sequels upon sequels.

            You talk about embarrassing, but the truth is, you don’t have any comebacks because Xbox is looking pretty piss poor for ANY games this year 😀

            In fact, we’ve been getting more games than you, better rated games than you and more new IPs than you since PS4 launch 🙂 But the only thing Xboxers can talk about is AAA exclusives, the same rehashed games over and over and over again, but because they are AAA, woop ti do, that excuses rehashing.

            The last talkworthy none rehashed game you had was Sunset Overdrive and before that, Titanfall.

          • HAHA thats one more game then ps4 owners and thats before 2015 even started haha you just destroyed yourself dude lmfao your last exclusive was bloodborne in march HAHAHAHAHAHAH poor ps library is so mediocre 🙁

            Why dont you play iphone games? games are games right? lmao the standards sony faNs have learn to put up with is absolutely laughable lol you guys play rubbish after rubbish. Atleast we have more then one quality game coming in 2016 and atleast they dont look like ps2 games

          • Really? Because I seem to remember Until Dawn, which was more popular than TR and Bloodborne was higher rated than Halo. So who got the better deal? TR sold like shit on Xbox and who didn’t see that coming?

            What games did you actually have to play before October? Remind me. Sunset Overdrive from 2014? Hell, what exactly were Xboxers playing throughout the whole of 2015, there was like no games.

            Call it what you want, the facts speak for themselves and I’ll gladly show you. PS4 has more games and better quality games than Xbox.

            Keep going though, you are providing entertainment, I love it when Xboxers squirm, mostly because nobody cares about Xbox 😀

          • until dawn is rated 79 and failed miserably,
            bloodborne is coming to xbox next month its called dark souls 3 and we arent missing anything but you guys are missing halo 5 which has the best mp of any game to date and is going 10 times harder than bb which ppl forgot after a week lol hahahaha how upsetting would it be being in your position wow lmao dude i have a ps4 and ive had it since day one, it has been collecting dust since march last year lmao

          • Halo 5?

            How many people care about Halo again? Oh yeah, the 5 people that bought Xbox.

            Stop lying, you don’t have a PS4, who do you think you’re fooling with that nonsense.

            If Until Dawn rated 79 was played just as much as Halo 5, worst in the series and a franchise that died after Bungie left it in my opinion, goes to show, Xbox really doesn’t have all that much left for it anymore expect more Halo, Gears and Forza, rinse and repeat the same boring franchises 😀

          • Tomb Raider has been a staple in gaming for over a decade you idiot. Say what you want about it but TR is much much more popular than Until Dawn. Until Dawn was one of those games where everyone on Youtube practically played it but nowadays no one cares about it. Just like FNAF. Rise of the Tomb Raider didn’t sell like shit, since when was more than a million copies in 2 months bad? It had bad initial sales because of Fallout 4 but they’ve picked up now. Also, ROTTR just got nominated for 9 D.I.C.E awards. More than any other game in 2015 (and more than any other PS4 exclusive combined) so you still gonna say Until Dawn is superior? BloodBorne was better than Halo 5, I’ll give you that.

            What are you even talking about when you said Xbox has no games in 2015? Xbox has multiplats as well you fool. PS4 does have more exclusives but that means nothing. It’s like PC, tons of exclusives but we only give a shit about a few. Better quality exclusives? What source, eh?
            I have both systems so don’t even start with the fanboy bullshit.

          • Dude, don’t get so emotional about games.

            I’m having a bit of fun with JoinTheRest since I rarely get to have totally senseless fanboy arguments with people. I know TR did well…although it missed prime opportunity to do even better if it also came to PS4 and regardless of what you say, I think they learned a valuable lesson and may never do that again, because now there is no guarantee it will even sell well on PS4 a year late. They’ve disappointed their core audience, the people who have been buying TR games in droves since it’s conception, PS fans. The sales figures for the last game on PS4/3 speaks for itself.

            We are talking exclusives, Xbox had nothing worthy of talking about until October when all games came out at the same time. PS4 has had a steady stream of “exclusive to console” games that entire year, they weren’t Halo 5 or TR levels of hype, but they were games, I enjoyed them and so did millions of other PS4 owners, because AAA only means something if the AAA game isn’t all hype. Halo 5 was hype and hot air, it may have been AAA, but it was the worst Halo I’ve played by far, I’ve played more enjoyable indie games than Halo 5 -_-

            Source? MetaCritic for one, that’s the site we all use to get an idea of the quality of exclusives. Of course its all based on opinion, but it’s multiple opinions and multiple opinions said Bloodborne was kick ass and is the most kick ass game you can play this gen. Multiple opinions also rates PS4 games at higher quality and quantity than Xbox.

            The only thing that PS4 lacks is AAA exclusives, but as I said, AAA is only a title given to big budget games, but big budget doesn’t mean “good”, it just means they have money to throw away and repeats of games that made them money to make. AAA also usually means “lack of innovation”.

          • Dude, we’re all gamers. Don’t tell me to not get emotional.

            First, you are contradicting yourself. You say TR did shit on Xbox and now you say ‘I know it did well’. Make up your mind.

            You asked us what we had to play before October. And I said multiplats. Who cares if they are exclusives. Games are games. And I think you are exaggerating when you said you had more fun with indie games. Sure Halo 5 was the worst Halo but since when was that a bad thing?

            Metacritic isn’t a good source to average every games score. How can you say PS4 had better quality exclusives when Metacritic don’t take an average of every PS4 exclusive. Give me a legit source to what you were saying. And loads of games get people saying it is the best game this gen, doesn’t mean it is.

            Also, since when did AAA usually mean ‘lack of innovation’. That is totally wrong. Just because the PS4 doesn’t have many AAA you don’t need to make dumb statements about them.

          • I’m talking about its success compared to the last iteration where Square themselves said that the 3 – 5 mill they made multiplat “wasn’t enough”, they’ve now gone and shot themselves in the foot by not only making substantially less then that (I’m assuming MS is covering the rest), but also releasing slap bang at the same time as Fallout, which to be frank is the dumbest mistake a developer can make. So yes, good game it may be in terms of awards, it still sold a great deal shitter than it could have. Losses made with the lack of multiplat, losses made with the lack of common sense with release date. It’s a good game, I never said it wasn’t.

            As for the multiplat argument, we’re not talking multiplats, if we were talking multiplats, this entire discussion wouldn’t even be happening. Get back on topic. I could just throw the same thing back at you for the last season of the year when Halo 5, TR and Forza came out, multiplats.

            And no, I’m not exaggerating, it is possible to have more fun with a lower budget game than a high budget game. “Abe’s New & Tasty” for example was much more enjoyable to play than many AAA titles I’ve played this generation. It boils down to preference. Or is there a social dynamic that dictates that one can only have fun playing a high budget title? If that’s the case, why were Candy Crush, Minecraft and Angry Birds amongst the most popular and well received games? Feel free to explain how that logic works.

            Multiplayer was the only aspect I liked about Halo 5. Why is that exaggerated? Is it too difficult for you to fathom someone not enjoying Halo 5? Someone having more fun playing an indie game than Halo 5? I guess it’s true then, all humans are exactly the same.

            In answer to your quality question. Didn’t I just say that Metacritic isn’t a firm source. That’s stupid, all reviews are based upon opinion, there’s no such thing as a one true source of all game ratings. I’m using metacritic because it collects all said opinions from various sources into one place and makes a general score out of it.

            And here you go, because you’d rather be lazy:
            PS4 –
            Xbox One –

            Last but not least, AAA games doesn’t “always” mean lack of innovation, but it usually consists of it. Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA, Gears and more, all prime examples of games repeated over and over and over with only subtle things changed. Yes, they were once innovative, when they first came out, but now because they make so much money, it’s excuse for devs to keep releasing them on an annual or 2/3 year basis.

            Not only that, all other AAA games on the down slide decide to copy what’s hot atm rather than pave new paths. Medal of Honor copying CoD, heck all AAA shooters copying flipping CoD.

            The logic is simple, when you are spending big bucks, you are less inclined to take chances making new stuff and right now, Sony’s studios are doing a better job of innovating than MS’s are. Dreams, Detroit, Horizon, The Last of Us. MS is just milking the Halo, Forza and Gears cows EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

          • How is MS milking Forza, Halo and Gears every year?
            The last Halo (4) came out in 2012, 3 years difference since Halo 5 (2 if you count MCC)
            Gears of War Judgement came out in 2013, 3 years diff since Gears 4 (2 if you count UE)
            Forza has 2 developers and release games every other year so that each dev has 2 year to work on the game.
            Weather Sony’s studios are doing better is a matter of opinion. You mention The Last of Us but forget about Killzone. You mention Horizon which isn’t even out yet but you don’t mention The Order. Both companies have ups and downs in innovation and good games. MS has Forza 6 but then again it had The Masterchief Collection which was just a clusterfuck of bugs. Stop being bias, both have bad and good games.
            That Metacritic link isn’t very accurate. The only reason the ratings are different is because there is a different amount of people reviewing each game (PS4 usually has more but that’s besides the point). If you want an actual difference in ratings then look at Just Cause 3 on consoles then look at the PC, or Arkham Night on consoles then see the PC ratings.

          • They are milking. If there is ever a year that I don’t see a Halo, Forza or Gears title, I’ll eat my shoe. Gears remaster came out last year, have you forgotten?

            To be honest, I understand why they are doing it, they are sitting on multimillion dollar making franchises they know their fans want, but it means that they (as in in-house) rarely ever produce anything new. All the new IPs are coming from outside devs.

            I didn’t say Sony was doing “better”, read, I said they were doing “a better job to innovate” and a games industry survives on innovation. Killzone was neither here nor there and The Order was lesser received, but the point remains that developers learn from their mistakes and try new things. Sony’s studios are known for experimenting, which is why it’s more interesting to own a PS4 because you never know what you’ll get. If I wanted repetition every 2/3 years, I’d buy an Xbox.

            Sony takes risks, it allows its developers to try new things and see if they work and that’s why they never leave Sony, they don’t need to. Everything in Horizon, even up to the female lead choice was a risk for Guerilla and they have no idea how the game will be received, but that’s what is so good about it. It’s new, it’s exciting. Dreams is new, it’s exciting. Detroit is new and exciting. The Last of Us is new and exciting. There’s even experimentation with the premise of gaming’s first openly lesbian female character. How cool would that be.

            I get bored of rinse and repeat. You need to keep my mind stimulated and Halo 10 is not going to do that.

            As for Metacritic, I’m fully aware of that, but let’s not use that as an excuse. True that the quality of gaming is down to the gamer to anticipate, but if we are looking for a rough idea of where you should go to get “more” and “better” games, on paper, it’s PS4. It may not have those AAA games, but at the end of the day, AAA status is not what attracts new gamers, “fun” is what attracts new gamers. AAA means nothing if the game is boring or repetitive. CoD has its fanbase not because of its AAA status, its because they find it fun and there are plenty of low budget games that are “fun”.

          • No, I haven’t forgotten that the Gears remaster came out last year, hence why I said 2 years if you count UE (Ultimate Edition which is the name of the remaster). And no, they aren’t milking. Milking is when you make one dev release a new game every year like Assassin’s Creed or Fifa. MS give their first party studios at least 2 years before they launch a new game.

            And Forza, Gears and Halo do have innovative features. Halo 5 had warzone which was the only thing keeping it from being a fail. Gears 4 hasn’t come out yet so can’t talk about that. Forza has the new ‘mods’ or whatever (I haven’t played it so not too sure). And there is a limit to how much you can innovate games like this. What do you expect from the new Forza, Mario Kart? They aren’t repetitions like you say they are. And they do have new IP exclusive games like Quantum Break which is about as innovative as you can get, or Sea of Thieves, ReCore, Scalebound, etc.

            As for Sony studios, it is still opinions. It isn’t really innovative to have a female as a lead in a video game nowadays that had started with males. Heck, even COD: Black Ops III has an option to be a female and COD isn’t really an innovative franchise. And assuming that your comment history is favoured to Sony, in your mind you think that Sony studios are ‘better’ than MS studios. It is your opinion though so I can’t argue with that.

            I still don’t see how PS4 has ‘better’ games by using Metacritic. More games yes, but the quality is debatable.

          • Milking doesn’t necessarily mean every single year, I don’t know who told you that, but it’s wrong. Milking is attempting to squeeze every bit of cash out of your fans possible, with sequels upon sequels upon sequels, spins offs that require you to buy in order to have the slightest clue what is going on and “pay to get better stuff” options. All of which games like Halo and Forza have had. Gears will follow suite, I can guarantee it.

            The difference between Halo and Assassin’s Creed is that you can skip an assassins creed game and still have a flipping clue whats going on. Which is why Final Fantasy, though milked, is acceptable. Halo on the other hand wants you to buy books, watch movies, follow mini series etc all of which cost more money JUST to follow 1 plot. Skip one Halo game and you are completely lost.

            “Innovative features” is not the same as an “innovative game”. Nintendo is king of innovative features. Which admittedly works well for them…if you like their franchises. If you don’t you’ll never buy a Wii.

            Having a female lead isn’t innovative, it’s risky, but it pays off because it attracts female gamers.

            “in your mind you think that Sony studios are ‘better’ than MS studios. It is your opinion though so I can’t argue with that.”

            I actually do think like that, but it’s not because of my nostalgic bias towards Sony, I just think Sony studios are more consistent, risk taking, interesting to follow and tend to produce pretty cool games. Naughty Dog has an incredible track record, so does Polyphony Digital. Media Molecule is probably Sony’s mini Nintendo. Quantic Dreams, though not owned by Sony always attempts new and interesting things. Santa Monica did very well with God of War and other past studios like Studio Liverpool touched my heart with games like Wipeout and Socom.

            In comparison, the only consistent studio MS has is Forza creators. 343 are up and down, still in the shadow of Bungie, Rare is a complete shambles, Black Tusk has nothing yet and Lionhead are known for overpromising and under delivering. MS has great money making franchises, but they rely on outside devs for support with decent innovative exclusives like Remedy and Platinum games. If they didn’t have them, we’d be stuck with the same three or four yearly titles.

            “Better games” is subjective, better “quality of games” depends on the quality of both the individual games and the quality / variety of games you can pick up for any one console. Xbox simply has nothing quite like The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, Dreams / Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain and heck, even Journey which was critically acclaimed. Yeah, there’s Scalebound and Quantum Break, but Sony has Horizon and Nier 2 to tackle those alone :/

          • No they aren’t milking, you don’t have to buy Halo’s comics or movies or books to keep up with the plot and not all of their main games follow the same plot line. Halo Reach for example. Also, loads of games have paid DLC so stop picking on MS studios. Sony exclusives also have sequel upon sequel games like Uncharted or GT.

            Naughty Dog does have an amazing track record but I don’t agree on Polyphony. If you look at the ratings since the first release they have steadily gone down so they don’t have an amazing track record I don’t see Rare being a complete shambles, it had great acclaim. Black Tusk isn’t even called Black Tusk anymore and they have developed 2 games with one coming out later this year so I think you need to update your research.

            Xbox does have similar quality games as Playstation. Like Ori and the Blind Forest or Sunset. Maybe not as high as The Last Of Us yet, but that was PS3 game. If you count that I can count Halo 1, 2 and 3. Little Big Planet is pretty downhill, just look at LBP 3 and the other dumb spin-offs (hmmm, LBP seems to fit in to what you said in the first paragraph, 8 games since 2008).

            P.S I forgot Crackdown 3…

          • Dude, they’re milking the hell out of Halo, it’s on like the 10th Halo game now, not including remasters. Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ODST, Reach, Spartan Wars, Halo Wars 1, 2. If you include remaster, that’s like 11. Plus DLC, plus comics, books (of which there are now more than 3), tv series (animated and live action).

            If that isn’t flipping milked, I really don’t know what it is you think milking is :/ There’s almost the same there as CoD and Assassin’s Creed.

            And the purpose of all of these these things is to get Halo fans invested in the series. Books aren’t mere spin offs, they are quite literally “pieces” of the story. How else would you come to understand where the f*** Locke came from for example? Ask any Halo fan and they tell you to go read this and go watch that.

            That’s milking. I don’t want to read, I want to play O_o

            Uncharted has 5 games, one of which is a Vita title and it’s main plot is coming to an end so ND can work on new stuff. 343 and Bungie were stuck making one game and its sequels for eternity, that’s why Bungie fled for the hills and thank god, because we never would have gotten Destiny which was the game they were dreaming of making years back and MS shut them down on it. Very big difference. Also, it really doesn’t matter what you believe in reference to Polyphony, every game bar GT6 – which they released too late, too similar to GT5 and should have invested in PS4 instead – was critically acclaimed, so when you say they are dropping, how so? And even GT6 was rated an average of 4/5 and 80/100 which by most standards is still “great”.

            We tend to call that consistency since they have yet to make a bad game.

            Rare on the other hand has done barely anything interesting since Viva Pinata on 360. They released a replay and some cheesy Kinect titles, but come on, it’s not the Rare we knew at all.

            Black Tusk aka Coalition developed 2 games?

            Ohhh, you mean Gears: Ultimate. Sorry for completely forgetting to mention a game that was simply updated from another game that the geniuses Epic Games, a company not owned by MS, originally made. How could I have forgotten Black Tusk / Coalition’s great innovation and creativity brought forth to the industry with such titles as “Gears Remake”. -_-

            And “developed” means already made. Gears 4 hasn’t come out yet and isn’t finished, so it isn’t “developed”, it’s “developing” and again, it’s not their original IP. They are just taking an IP that belonged to another studio like 343 did and continuing it. 343 like Coalition are still beneath very big shadows of other studios, even Rare is under the shadow of former Rare (I don’t even think any of the old talent remains) and Rare is probably MS’ most legendary dev team for what they achieved in the past, not the same lame Rare we have today that might as well be making casual mobile games with the vomit they spew up today :/

            “Ori and the Blind Forest” is independent, the studio isn’t owned by MS, so MS gets no credit for this one, all they did was publish it like they did TR, but moving along. “Sunset Overdrive” belongs to Insomniac which spent much of its time making original titles for PS in the past. So neither MS or Sony get to take credit for this one.

            Crackdown 2 was bad, InFamous 1, 2 & 3 however were all consistent and rumour has it Sucker Punch is working on new stuff, like Sony studios usually do.

            8 LBP games? Where’d you get that from? There’s only six. Tearaway isn’t LBP, neither is Dreams. Entirely new games, entirely new IPs.


            Dude, stop reaching

          • Dude, I am a Halo fan and I haven’t bought a single comic, book or movie and I still know what is going on by the end of the campaigns.

            Reach wasn’t directly related to the main Halo campaigns so they aren’t stuck making the same sequels. Even in Assassin’s Creed I never even knew the books even existed yet I was fine with the plot on the first few games. After GT 4 Polyphony never had a game above 85 on Meta yet prior to GT 4 all their games were above 90 so I wouldn’t call it consistent or ‘incredible’ as you said. Also, on WIkipedia they have had 16 releases which isn’t very helpful either. Crackdown 1 was amazing and Crackdown 2 got a 70 from Meta so judging by your logic that is still ‘good’. Rare developed Killer Instinct and Replay and is developing Sea of Thieves so don’t assume their games are worth vomit. I don’t care if MS gets nothing from Ori. I don’t like MS either I just like arguing with the usual Pony. Coalition haven’t developed a legitimate game yet so they aren’t under a shadow yet unless Gears 4 is a fail. On Wikipidia there are 8 games on the ratings list so try arguing with that. Infamous games were consistent but most had worse ratings than Halo 5.

          • Good for you, one of the biggest, if not the biggest review comments that came back from Halo 5 was the plot and its disjointed nature because of the various forms of media and having played it without reading the reviews yet, I could relate to where they were coming from. Since then, the fan argument has been “go read this”, “go watch that” and that is a 1 way ticket to losing interest in a franchise.

            Why did Cortana suddenly go rogue and where did she “come back” from. Why was Locke and his team suddenly introduced, where did they come from? If you want explanation you have to look outside of the game.

            Drag down Halo CE? Why, because I said it wasn’t 100% original? Dude, get off the high horse. I loved Halo CE, but I, unlike you, am being realistic, it contributed towards innovating the industry but I’d hardly call it the greatest FPS ever made. Whether I’m arguing with you or the “some that argue” makes absolutely no difference to the point I made.

            “Polyphony never had a game above 85 on Meta yet prior to GT 4 all their games were above 90”. Besides the point, they haven’t made a bad game. The problem is that they’re making games that are too familiar and not doing enough to change things up a little. Consistent yes, innovating no. That still doesn’t detract from the fact they have an incredible track record. They’ve sold millions of copies with only GT6 selling 4 mill because of the terrible timing and 4 mill at such a late stage is still good considering most studios find it difficult to reach 3 mill during prime time. They have amassed one of the biggest fanbases, worked with several high calibre people and companies in racing and have always put out nothing but quality racing experiences, even if they aren’t doing enough to flip the racing genre on its head.

            Your point is moot.

            Crackdown 1 doing well for Crackdown 2 to get 70? That to me isn’t consistent and it doesn’t give me much faith in the series. It took SuckerPunch 4 titles to hit a 70, which wouldn’t have been the case if it was offered up as DLC rather than a somewhat tacked-on game in itself.

            “Rare developed Killer Instinct and Replay” Yes, the initially bug filled, poor hit detection, free to play, pay to get characters title that should have been Rare’s nostalgic return to grace, but ended up being another reason to lose faith in the developer. Vomit.

            “Coalition haven’t developed a legitimate game yet so they aren’t under a shadow yet unless Gears 4 is a fail”

            Lol at that logic. They were under Epic Game’s shadow the moment they took over an Epic Games title instead of being original and making something new.

            “On Wikipidia there are 8 games on the ratings list so try arguing with that”

            Ill give you Run Sackboy Run, in the interest of not sounding hypocritical. The other one is a Move demo, so spin off though it may be, it’s not a full fledged title.

            “Infamous games were consistent but most had worse ratings than Halo 5”

            What has that got to do with innovation in MS? Or the fact that 343 is still in Bungie’s shadow?

            Come at me or give up.

          • You sure have a lot of time on your hands to consistently keep giving me these comments.

            GT has sold millions of copies with millions of fans. Not gonna deny that. I know they haven’t made a bad game yet but they aren’t consistent which isn’t really a bad thing considering how good the first few games.However they went from creating system sellers with games well above 90 on Meta to games that can barely hit 85. It is all perspective but that for me isn’t consistent.

            If I want to search why Locke was introduced or the Cortana’s return then I can look it up on the internet. Be realistic, why buy a book when I can go on a forum or just google it.

            Ok, 7 games for LBP. Now your point is?

            We can just peace out now because we are just going in circles but if you want to carry on then fair enough.

          • Let’s not go there, you replied to me first.

            Consistency means maintaining a degree of stability. Apple iPhones for example may not be selling as well as the last iPhones, but consumers and shareholders can still maintain faith in them because they are a consistent company. Nintendo has been up and down, some things doing exceedingly well, other things doing poorly. We call this fluctuation and fluctuation is bad for business.

            GT is consistent. It makes money, it does well it terms of ratings and the only thing it needs to focus on is innovation. I reiterate, GT hasn’t had a bad game.

            “If I want to search why Locke was introduced or the Cortana’s return then I can look it up on the internet. Be realistic, why buy a book when I can go on a forum or just google it.”

            Lol, I’m not even going to reply to this.

            7 games for LBP. Cool, so? They’ve moved onto Dreams now. Halo is still being made :/ It will continue to be made until I grow old and die because MS are slave drivers 😀

          • This isn’t about business so half of what you said is pointless. OK, Polyphony hasn’t made a bad game. But as I said before it is opinions and perspectives on weather they are consistent or not. If you are fine with Poly making good-great games instead of amazing games now then fair-enough, you’re never going to agree so why bother.

            Who cares if Halo is still being made. By your logic it is a consistent franchise so why not? It is Xbox’s signature franchise so why would they stop. Sony will always have GT and God of War, Nintendo will always have MarioKart and Zelda games, Microsoft will always have Forza and Halo. They gave other studios and third party to make their innovative games. And before you say it Forza has innovated their franchise by getting another dev to make some of the games. Also, I don’t see how they are slave drivers if they make sequels. Wouldn’t that make the devs jobs easier? I know MS are greedy but are you just using that as a mindless insult?

            If you aren’t going to reply to that comment about Halo because I’m using logic instead facts then fine, be like that. I was actually getting excited to see what you would say. Why not just play on your PS4 instead of sending these long-ass comments. Stop being a fanboy, dude.

          • It’s always about business, gaming wouldn’t exist without business and all the decisions being made that we are discussing are “business” discussions. Halo is only continuing because it is good business, if it wasn’t, it would have died off ages ago.

            As for Polyphony making amazing games, ask yourself why that is. Could it have something to do with Polyphony being the only ones doing what they were doing at the time? Or maybe back then it was new and hot, whereas now there is so much choice that we can compare it to something. Again, that doesn’t prove inconsistency because Poly haven’t produced a bad game, they just haven’t produced a revolutionary one either. I reiterate, consistent, but not innovating. Don’t get the word consistent confused, which is what you seem to be doing.

            The point wasn’t that they should stop the franchise, if you’ve read anything I’ve been saying up until now, you’ll recall me saying it’s a money maker, which is why they milk it, as Sony milks GT, the point is that MS doesn’t seem to want to try new things, it leaves it up to third parties to do that. The difference is that Polyphony has more freedom to try new things than Bungie did, than 343 does. If Polyphony wanted to try their hand at something new, Sony wouldn’t stop them so long as there’s someone to keep GT going. Polyphony has a history of other creative endeavours and one that comes to mind (because I loved the shit out of it) was Omega Boost.

            Bungie was diverse and creative before MS plucked them up, then all they did following that was Halo, Halo, Halo and it’s only after they left and could breathe again, they made Destiny, a game they’ve wanted to make for ages.

            My point, whether you see it as fanboyous or not is that MS stifles creativity and innovation from developers. It buys creativity rather than making it in house and forces that dev to make it endlessly. A developer like Media Molecule would never work well with MS, because they are dreamers and they create what their crazy minds imagine. MS hates that.

            Stop being a baby, if you didn’t want to continue this, you could have ignored it and moved on with your life ages ago. Here is your chance to leave it, if you reply again, I’m going to assume to want to continue.

          • Oh yeah, Yakuza 6, Nier 2 and Ni-oH are also coming to PS4 😀

            Remind me again why anyone should buy an Xbox?

          • yakuza hahaahahahahhahaha
            nier 2 lmaooooooooooo
            ni – oh hahaha

            wow how embarassing hahahahahahahahaha reasons why everyone SHOULD buy an xbox. Sorry im not asain dude lol i wont play those games if you payed me

          • Good point, Xbox doesn’t sell in Asia, it doesn’t sell in Europe either. Heck, where does that box with an X on it actually sell? Even in the US its getting slapped like a little bitch.

            The ironic thing about you saying you have a PS4 collecting dust is that even if you weren’t lying, at least you have a PS4 to collect dust with. Xbox has been collecting dust in shops and warehouses, no one wants one because of its piss poor repeating games 😀

          • Stop acting like X1 isn’t selling at all. It is behind PS4 but it still has 19 million units you dumbass. More than the 360.

          • Dude, surpassing the 360 shouldn’t be something to brag about. I’d EXPECT Xbox One to outsell 360, because if it didn’t, that would be downright flipping embarrassing.

            360 came out at a time when 1) most gamers were still hanging around waiting for PS3, 2) the original Xbox was received so poorly that many were wary of 360, 3) Xbox Live was still coming into its own, 4) everyone thought all the exclusives worth playing would be on PS3. Of course it’s going to outsell 360.

            In fact, even comparing PS4 to PS3 is stupid since PS3 had so many issues with it at launch, besides the ridiculous pricing.

            I never see the logic in that argument.

          • The original Xbox wasn’t received poorly. It was praised for tons of things like its hardware, exclusive games and multi player features. And must own exclusives at the time were only available on Xbox like Halo 2.

          • It may have been praised, but it wasn’t enough to stop MS making a huge loss on it and having very few games that people gave a damn about.

            The best thing I can remember about Xbox was Halo and Live, which to this day are the two most consistent things about Xbox. The size of the hardware was ridiculous, the controller was downright hilarious and even it was even at one point given the title of being the console where formerly good PS2 / PS1 games went to die.

            Much like Dino Crisis and Abe for examples

          • You keep agreeing with what I say, and then contradict yourself. You say it was a fail, then you say it was praised and then you say some of the terrible things it had. Xbox had plenty of games that people cared about like Halo, arguably by some people the greatest FPS ever made and the original Forza, Fable and aquiring Rare which made Nintendo games. It was MS first console as well so what do you expect?

          • No, you just display inability to read, which you keep doing. Just because I say something is good doesn’t mean it was a resounding success. Stop trying to make your own logic out of things because it’s clearly confusing you.

            Let me reiterate again. Success comes in 2 forms, artistic success and financial success. Just because a game scores highly or is praised by a gazillion people, doesn’t mean it will sell well and go on to earn a sequel.

            The Shadow of the Colossus was one of the finest, most praised, most innovative, most beautiful, artistic and to this day greatest games I and many others have ever played. That being said, it’ll never sell to the same level as CoD, which in my opinion doesn’t and never did hold a candle in the realm of artistic beauty to that of Shadow of Colossus, but here’s the logic and this is the aspect that seems to confuse you, CoD makes money, CoD is more popular, CoD keeps gamers coming back.

            I personally don’t know what it is, but whatever CoD is doing is working.

            As for “greatest FPS ever made”, that is subjective. It’s had it’s hand at redefining the industry yes, but it’s borrowed so many ideas and concepts from other games, books and movies that it’s hardly 100% original and there are other FPS games that contributed towards what we know FPS to be today. Unreal Tournament, CoD, Doom, Half Life, Wolvenstien, just to name a a few.

            Halo was great, but personally Half Life had more of an impact on me growing up, so it entirely depends on generation.

            That being said, know the difference between contradiction and inability to read between the lines.

          • Stop trying to drag down Halo CE. Just read its Wikipedia and look at the bloody reception section of the page. I can’t even be bothered to argue with you anymore. I said Halo CE being the greatest FPS was ‘argued by some’. If you actually think I meant that it was subjective. Maybe you need to be the pragmatic one.

          • Watching you shill for the Shitbox and its no games on IGN is always good for a laugh.

          • hahaha must hurt to have nothing but indies and remasters to play LMFAOOO also must hurt that your last AAA exclusive was in march last year HAHAHAHAHA no wonder why youre so butthurt dude

          • And just like last year you have nothing but dust and promises until the end of the year when you get a few rehashes and even more promises. Oh wait, you have weak emulation now, so playing five year+ old games at worse frame rate will be there to tide you over. 🙂

            Last AAA exclusive was in October, but I guess you’re going to move the goalposts when you find that out. 🙂

          • We had an exclusive in september, october and november and our next one is in april hahhahah in the space of 4 xbox one exclusives you guys get the same old rehashed uncharted lmaooooooooooooooooo

          • You got an exclusive in September and October and you’re only getting one in April because it’s continually been delayed since 2014. Keep holding that L, Xtwat. Shitbox Done has no games. 🙂

    • Like SF4? Well, it sold 2m on X360 and 4
      3m on PS3. Actually is a bad decision for Capcom but I guess Sony paid them at least $30m.

      • I think you’re talking US numbers. The interesting thing there: the 360 had something like twice as many consoles in North America. Even now, VGChartz- where you got your numbers- shows a nearly 20 million console difference in that area.

        So what you’re really saying is that if it sold more on half the userbase last gen, the difference this gen, when the two are almost even in that area, the number of sales on PS4 this gen would be even bigger.

        I got it. Sorry about that. I had you pegged as another of those trying to paint an incomplete picture for your own sake. In actuality, you were saying something different all along.

  7. Tomb Raider sold over a million against bigger games. That speaks volumes. Capcom effectively is splitting half it’s userbase. Fighting games don’t do CoD numbers, so cutting it in half doesn’t make great business sense. But if sony financed all dev cost plus marketing then fine. But there are still leaving out fans, but there is always MK XL which is the better complete game.

    • Effectively not, since Xbox doesn’t have half of Street Fighter’s userbase. Obviously, fighters don’t NEED Call of Duty numbers to be successful.

      Why is it that your best argument against anything PlayStation is a really poor comparison that never makes sense?

      • Games sell better on xbox consoles and you can go look at the sales figures. For example driveclub took nine months to hit 2 million sales with about 25 million users at the time, it took forza 6 only a few months to sell over 1 million. Do the math. CoD also sold more on the xbox over the holiday despite the exclusive marketing and userbase. Shut up

        • No, the Xbox One version of Black Ops III sold better in North American retail stores for the month of November.

          That was according to the NPD report, which only counts physical retail copies in North America only.

          This is not really much of a surprise since the sale gap between PS4 and Xbox One in the USA is very small.

          Globally, the PS4 version of Black Ops III totally dominated over the holidays.

          • Thanks for proving my point.

        • Dude, you fucking fail.

          DriveClub is a new IP plagued by slander from fanboy idiots like you. It STILL did over 2 million.

          Forza is an established franchise that Xbox-drowned nutjobs like yourself swears is the best racing franchise on the market, yet the sales are getting slower with each entry, and Microsoft is too afraid to even talk numbers anymore.

          CoD standalone copies sold more… but the game was heavily bundled with the much better selling PS4 during the holidays. I wonder what kind of impact that could have on those numbers… and, as Rubix notes, that was for one region of the world.

          How long are you gonna stand by incomplete and incorrect information?

          • driveclub over 9 months with 25 mil userbase verses over 1 million in a few months with much less than 25 million users.

          • New hated on IP versus established “loved” IP.

          • New hated console verses established “no drm” console

            I can make up excuses too

          • lmao, what? Exactly what does that have to do with DriveClub or Forza?

          • What exactly does your excuse have to do with the argument?


          • Still failing.

          • L confirmed.

          • Who gives a shit if the sales are getting lower? Only been over 2 years into X1 lifespan when Forza 6 launched. Forza 4 was launched around 4/5 years into the 360s lifespan so of course Forza 6 will sell less than the previous Forzas like Forza 4. Forza isn’t the best racer on the market. Maybe it is. But I don’t know what is to be honest. Maybe Gran Turismo, NFS etc but we can argue about that another time.
            Driveclub wasn’t just slandered by fanboys but professional reviewers. Xbox fanboys don’t get to post critic reviews so don’r try to argue against its inferior critic scores AND user scores because it is a fact that every Forza ever released scored better than that game. Seriously, I have a PS4 as well but not every exclusive on that console is a good game. It is like PC. Tons of exclusives but I only ever give a shit about like 10 games. Judging by your comment history you probably go to bed with your PS4 and you need to re-evaluate your PS bias and ask yourself who the fanboy is.

          • You go back to a comment nearly a week old and rant incoherently, then call somebody else a fanboy?

            What makes a reviewer professional? What stops a pro from being a biased fanboy like anybody else? And who gives a damn which or how many games you care about?

          • Your comment was only 3 days old. So I don’t see what your problem with that is. And yes, I am calling you a fanboy. You haven’t denied it. And review aggregate sites like Metacritic aren’t biased because they count reviews from loads of sites to even out the scores so fanboys don’t interfere.
            So try again by actually replying to my comment instead questioning me, you’re making yourself look stupid.

          • How many ways did you screw that up?

            It’s been 7 days now, since I made that comment. You replied to it one day ago.

            That’s one.

            Metacritic doesn’t filter out anything, nor do they prevent fanboys from masquerading as “journalists.” Please, explain to me what was professional about kotaku, for example, running with a doctored video claiming outlandushly long load times for GT5? But they’re on Metacritic. Polygon is pretty well known for their bias, but they’re on Metacritic. And quartertothree’s Tom Chick is about the least professional reviewer of ANYTHING that I’ve ever seen in my life, but that site’s on Metacritic, too. But you want to say that is an unbiased source? Perhaps, but given they don’t disclose how they choose what sites to add, they’re not that solid a source, either.

            That’s two.

            I didn’t bother refuting you because you’re not some authority to whom I must answer on that point. My console preference isn’t at all hidden. I’ve no need, nor have I ever tried, to shy away from that. In this case, you’re calling me a fanboy because I offered some logical reasons as to why Forza isn’t what someone else claimed.

            That’s three.

            Speaking of claims, YOU claimed Xbox fanboys can’t write reviews, but offering Metacritic does nothing to support that claim of yours. And given they have sites dedicated only to specific consoles listed, that actually works AGAINST you.

            That’s four.

            I’ve addressed what little you said that made any sense.

            Still gonna call people stupid when they best you? Hey, it’s not a very good one, but it’s s strategy, nonetheless.

          • Right, here we go, oh arrogant one…

            1. Metacritic does filter out the scores. For every person saying GT5 has long loading times there will be another saying how realistic it is. The bias cancels each other out. Why do you think they bother averaging the scores then? I’m not saying it is the best source because every site has some sort of bias, but it is more accurate than you will ever be. And speaking of which sources they add, they have hundreds so I don’t see your point there.

            2. You sure you offered ‘logical reasons’ about why Forza isn’t what everyone else claimed because of sales? First, since when did sales mean anything. Second, did you even read my comment because then you would realise that your reasons aren’t always right. Or do I have to tell you again? You still haven’t tried to prove me wrong on that point so I guess you have nothing on that front.

            3. If you aren’t gonna deny being a fanboy which you clearly are then I guess you are a load of PS bias. Why do you think nobody likes or cares about fanboys? I actually have fun reading your comment history. Why don’t you actually play on your PS4 instead of endlessly commenting here.

      • When SFV reaches 8 million only on ps4 let me know. half the userbase was on 360. Most tourneys were on 360. Shut up

        • 360 was not losing 2 -1 globally against the PS3.

          This gen things have changed. A lot of old 360 owners are now PS4 gamers. Just like me!

          • Maybe someone will give you a cookie. Games still sell better on xbox consoles and always have.

          • Most multi platform games did sell better on Xbox 360 for last generation. But that’s all changed.
            Demonstrated best my Activision turncoating on Xbox with Call of Duty as soon as their CoD games sold better on PS4.

            Capcom and Ubisoft have already said last year that their games sell over double the amount on PS4.

          • Not even going to argue. The data out there backs up my claim.

          • What data? Show it.


          • I thought so. You got nothing.

          • Google has it.

          • Sure, sure. That’s why you won’t specify it in the slightest.

          • google can specify it for you

          • Google isn’t the one making the claims. And what nebulous claims they are.

          • Google will guide you to your answer. Don’t be foolish.

          • Being foolish would be me expecting a serious answer out of you. I’m not, though, so I’m safe there.

            There is no data to support your claim of games routinely selling better. Especially not fighters, and especially not this generation. If there were, you’d provide that data to shut up the people who doubt you, because it’s apparent you desperately want to be seen as right.

            That you don’t do so is telling.

          • All that and you confirmed nothing.

          • I’m not in need of confirming anything.

          • Okay cool so stop writing me.

          • Stop responding.

          • You’re an idiot.

          • That means absolutely nothing coming from you.

          • Yet you responded. Apparently it does.

          • lol, that doesn’t even make sense. You can do that much, can’t you?

        • You got proof?

          Or are these just more fanboy claims?

  8. I got a fever for fighter games and the only prescription is more Virtua Fighter.

  9. I welcome Street Fighter V as a PS4 exclusive, but I think you are over estimating it’s appeal.

    It’s releasing with no competition near by.

    Because fighting games are not more of a niche genre. FPS games have taken over as the most popular genre. Only a few fighting games get released per year. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat being the most successful.

    It’s an established series that sells really well.

    It does good sales numbers, but other game genres eclipse fighting games sales by a fairly large margin.

    It’s an actual console exclusive, and not timed.

    There are ways around that we saw that with Metal Gear on the Xbox. They could easily add some new content and alter the title and call it a new game. Unless their contract with Sony is iron clad, of course we aren’t privy to that contract.

    Street Fighter IV did almost 8.5 million in sales. Which isn’t bad, but SFV will likely not reach that level in a long while if ever on PS4.

  10. “Street Fighter V Isn’t Just An Exclusive”

  11. I don’t think so. Street Fighter is far away from what it was. I loved SF2, probably played thousand of hours. But SF3&4 were disappointing. I don’t think it will sell more than 2 million copies and I think for the very most ppl this is no system seller, especially because they could be it for PC as well.
    Bloodborne is the only ps4 system seller so far and I don’t see any upcoming game that could change that.

    • Considering SFIV did WELL over that, even on just PS3, I don’t think there’s any concern of it selling less than that on PS4, especially with it having all generation to sell.

      It may also be available on PC, but even a fighter as popular as Street Fighter- and according to your source for numbers, only Street Fighter II has sold better, indicating that it’s not suffering the fall-off you think- won’t do nearly as well there as on a console.

      Street Fighter will move consoles. So will Uncharted. And Gran Turismo. And TLG. And Horizon. And Detroit. There’s likely a God of War coming, and that’ll sell systems. Hell, it might be multiplat, but FFXV will move PS4s.

      What you can see, unfortunately, isn’t always what IS.

  12. LOL all these mad as fuck Xtwats.

    There’s a reason why everyone hates you. 🙂

  13. It might just do that.

    Sell “a” system, that is.

    • Somebody’s salty.

  14. Sorry to tell you, but it is not. It is not a system seller for how garbage it is. How dumb is this statement?

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